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WUKY + Shaker Steps highlight homegrown talent

When two music bloggers approached their local Kentucky station, WUKY, with an idea to record live performances of regional musicians, the station’s music director, Mike Graves, knew they were on to something. Shaker Steps, the resulting video project from Derek Feldman and Mark Rush, has produced dozens of videos in just a few months that showcase local, up-and-coming talent.

Since the project’s beginning, WUKY has helped spread the word about Shaker Steps to its listeners. In addition, Graves often mines the video collection for inspiration and will spin the tunes of artists he discovers on the air. Not surprisingly, some of the bands have gained avid local followings following their Shaker Steps debut.

“We take our local mission seriously. That includes supporting local groups that share our passion for local music, and using our role in the community to help amplify their impact. In this case, everyone wins — our listeners, our partners and Kentucky’s musicians,” Graves said in an email.

WUKY is celebrating Public Radio Music Month by sharing its favorite videos from Shaker Steps and from “Recorded Live at WUKY” every week this April on its website. Keep an eye out, and maybe you’ll discover the Bluegrass State’s next big thing.