The List Goes On

While Public Radio Music Month and this love letter to stations may have come to their official close yesterday, support from artists and record labels continues. New additions to the love letter can be seen below, including the inspiring Tracy Chapman, but this list is merely a snapshot of the impact public radio stations have had on local communities and the careers of artists around the country. 

Nate Query of the Decemberists summed it best in an essay published yesterday in the Willamette Week:

“To get a sense of just how important public radio stations are to musicians of all genres and statures, take a look at who signed a recent “love note to public radio,” thanking local stations for taking chances in their programming. Portlanders Pink Martini, Rebecca Gates and Scott McAughey (R.E.M., the Minus Five) signed it, as did my bands the Decemberists and Black Prairie. An amazing variety of national bands have as well, from Ozomatli to Raphael Saadiq. The list goes on and on.”

Thank you!