Thank You For a Great Public Radio Music Month

Thank You For a Great Public Radio Music Month

Thank you to all of the artists, managers, and labels who spoke out on behalf of public radio and their favorite local stations during Public Radio Music Month. April may be behind us, but the service public radio provides isn’t limited to just one month out of the year. Stations play the music you want to hear 365 days a year because they love it – it’s that simple.

With more than 400 music format public radio stations across the country today, the music, interviews and events highlighted on this blog represent just a portion of the unique music content public radio stations produce each day. Luckily, the invaluable contributions by local stations, DJs and artists is no longer limited to their own communities but is now accessible to new audiences worldwide. 

We hope you will join us in following public radio’s unmatched service and innovation across the country by using the #pubradio hashtag on social media and continuing to discover new music, find local events and hear exclusive content from your own local station – and others – on air and online.

It’s been our pleasure to share Public Radio Music Month with you.

Image illustrates public radio broadcast service across the continental United States. Photo credit: NPR Labs